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Oak Hill Business Park

Denton, TX

See properties we have leased or managed or the span of more than 20 years.

Corporate USA has provided project lease services for our clients since 1991.  Among all the strategies and technologies available, we continue to rely on good old hard work.  

We feel we must know our market intimately. Who are the tenants in the market, which ones are prospects, what are their needs and how can we fulfill them?  What is our competition doing and how can we do it better?  Gaining market knowledge and developing beneficial relationships takes hard work and lots of it.

We also use the latest technologies available; multiple electronic databases, multi-media, and computer listing services for prospective tenants.  Featured Properties


Market Studies

Price Positioning

Leasing & Marketing Planning

Target Market Strategies

Brokerage Community Relationships

Document Preparation

Negotiation and Deal Closing

Construction Planning and Supervision