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Corporate Funds is a private Texas-based limited partnership formed in 1993 for the purpose of acquiring income-producing commercial real estate assets in the Texas suburban office markets. The principal partners of the fund were the founding owners if Corporate USA, along with their investment partner- a privately held German-based investment group.

The domestic based entity through which Corporate Funds manages its assets is Corporate USA Real Estate Services, which is a privately held corporation. Corporate USA has managed and leased several million square feet of office space in the Dallas/Ft. Worth market area. This active involvement in their targeted investment markets provides Corporate USA, Corporate Funds Investment, their investment partners and fee-based clients the ability to identify suitable investment properties that can benefit from Corporate USA's effectiveness in increasing occupancy, maximizing revenues and controlling operating expenses for their respective real estate investment portfolios.

Corporate Funds has owned several office buildings in the Dallas market, starting with our first purchase in 1995. The performance of the properties has been excellent, and has resulted in an approximate 1000% return on investment to the equity capital invested by the partnership upon the initial acquisition of the property. Based in part on this experience, and upon the increasing size of Corporate USA's management portfolio, the investment partners of Corporate Funds have indicated their desire to place an additional block of equity capital in similar properties. The purchase of a property portfolio (as opposed to single asset purchases) is the current investment objective of the Fund, as this allows the partners to invest larger amounts of equity with a singular transaction. In addition, a portfolio purchase more readily enables the Fund to take advantage of marketing and operating efficiencies, resulting in higher average occupancies and lower costs of operations than single building acquisitions.

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