Corporate USA’s 2020 Challenge

Will Be Our


Look for more prizes and lots of fun.

Brackets will be available right here about 3 hours after teams are announced for the 2020 tournament.


Fill in your bracket with your contact information and then click on the teams of your choice.  Put a number in for the tie breaker and click “submit”. In the smack field, you can let everyone know how you feel about your team (it’s not required, but it’s fun).

It’s FREE for members of the DFW Commercial Real Estate community, Corporate USA’s clients and tenants. You are strongly encouraged to join the fun.  


Since this is free there are only a few rules…

One entry per person, please.

You must submit your picks before 9 AM on the day of the first game.

Entries that fail to meet these rules will result in termination of your entry.  After you submit a bracket, you will receive a return email from Corporate USA.  You are responsible to be sure your entry is submitted and received.   After 9 AM on the day the first game begins, no entries will be accepted regardless of when it was submitted.  If you submit a bracket and don’t receive an email from Corporate USA, email Mike Hennefer at If the first game has not begun, we will figure it out.  All decisions made by Corporate USA are final. Corporate USA reserves the right to refuse entry in the challenge to anyone for any reason whatsoever.  Corporate USA reserves the right to change prizes at any time without prior notice. The purpose of Corporate USA's Final Four Challenge 2019 is to promote Corporate USA and to advertise our website and services, and most of all to have fun.